About the Owner

" When you bloom you will be a sight to see. Many of us do not start out in clean water, just like the lotus but sometimes the dirt and muck around you is what makes you stand out just like the lotus stands out in the pond. Do not be ashamed of the muck and dirt that you grew out of. It has carried you and made you the beautiful soul that has become you. We all have a past, we all have a history, but thrive even when you do not believe you are worthy because you are. You only find out how much strength you have in the midst of a storm. Every trial and tribulation is making way for you to become the person that you are destined to be. The test is whether you are going to have faith and be able to stand the storm and come out on the other side or wither and perish. Always remember that Allah loves us even in our everyday transgressions. Life is a continuous journey and we should strive to live a righteous life daily. No matter where you started. What matters is how you want your journey to end. Do something that matters, do something to help the people, do something that you can be proud of."

Michelle LaRae

Michelle came up with the idea of Mind, Body and Spirit Women's Wellness through her own life journey. After years of living in a haze and not knowing where to go spiritually during a down period of her life Michelle decided to change her life course. Recently, Michelle took Shaddah and decided to dedicate her life to serving the people by living a life centered around service and charity. Michelle has always had a natural gift of helping others to find the light within themselves.

Michelle trained to become a Labor Doula and Postpartum Doula because she thought what better way to serve women and her community then by being there for them emotionally during one of the most precious and intimate moments of a woman's life. She is also a member of CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association). Her interest in serving women did not stop there, she then created a virtual women's wellness group because she felt that other women may need a safe place to connect and be heard a place where they could speak on topics such as family, relationships, health, wellness and spiritual well being. It was during one of these meetings that she asked a wellness coach to come speak to the group and learned about the importance of staying healthy and fit.

Michelle believes in treating the mind, the body and the spirit because you need all three in order to live a balanced life. Michelle lives her life in accordance to what the Most High leads her to do. She believes that everything always happens in divine order and timing and as long as you believe this and have faith the size of a mustard seed you will find your way.